ABC Baby Animals – Flash Card App!

ABC Baby Animals is a beautifully illustrated flash card app with a Slideshow feature for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older children!

Your child will have fun playing with the animal flash cards while learning his or her ABC’s and animal names!

ABC Animals app

Smaller children will enjoy the cute, high quality images, pleasant narrating voice and the Slideshow feature. Older children can learn about animal names (including baby animal names), spelling, and can use the Recording feature to add their own Sounds!

Keep your children playing and learning anywhere: Your little one will be occupied while waiting in a checkout lane, or doctor’s office and your older children will love making up their own sounds!

To tie in learning with another activity, click over to our free-to-print coloring pages and a list of all animal and baby animal names.

>> Download: ABC Baby Animals

Features of ABC Baby Animals Flash Card App:

Record Your Own Voice!

You can record your own voice to accompany each flash card. Older siblings will love making up their own stories or spelling out the word on each flash card, grandparents will love recording sweet messages for your child, and your child will love hearing familiar voices on the app!

Slideshow with Beautiful Illustrations!

Turn on Slideshow in settings and all of the flash cards will be displayed continuously – with or without sound. Your baby can simply watch and be mesmerized! The beautiful illustrations for this app were created by US Artist Erik Skinner! Friendly characters will put a smile on your baby’s face and have him or her wanting more!


abc baby animals - baby iguana
abc baby animals - alligator
abc baby animals - owl








More About ABC Baby Animals flash card app

* This app features 52 flash cards of 26 adult animals and 26 baby animals with a friendly voiceover. Display a different animal by swiping or tapping the screen, or shaking your iPhone or iPod.

* No internet connection needed. This app will work even when you’re out of range of cell service or WiFi.

* To mix things up a bit, turn on ‘Random’ in settings to display pictures in random order instead of alphabetically.

* Turn the sound on or off without changing the volume settings for your iPhone or iPod.

* Full instructions for buttons and settings, including the recording function, are included within the app.

More about ABC Baby Animals

*** We strongly recommend supervising children when they’re playing with or handling a cellphone or other electronic device. ***

*** If you like this flash card app please rate this app in the app store and leave us a review to keep the updates coming! ***

If you have any questions about this app, please leave them in the comments below.

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    7 Responses

    1. Danny

      - 15th May, 11 06:05pm

      Love this app for my kids – I was at the mall pushing my 14 months old in the stroller. She calmed down and then fell asleep watching the slideshow :)

      Reply to this comment

      • DAS Apps (author comment)

        - 15th May, 11 07:05pm

        Thanks for your comment Danny! Glad to hear you and your baby liked it!

        Reply to this comment

    2. Mdriver

      - 20th May, 11 07:05pm

      My girls favorite animal is the owl baby on this app. She races through the rest just to get to the owl!

      Reply to this comment

    3. Jo

      - 3rd Jun, 11 10:06am

      This is a really cute app. Will there be other languages?

      Reply to this comment

      • DAS Apps (author comment)

        - 20th Jun, 11 06:06pm

        Yes Jo, there will be other languages! We’re currently working on adding foreign languages (and more images) to the app. We’re considering French, Spanish and German. Do you have a preference?

        Reply to this comment

    4. Florian

      - 13th Dec, 15 10:12am

      Like your app!

      Reply to this comment


    1. ABC Baby Animals | Apps Cafe - 30th Jun, 11 08:06pm

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