ABC Baby Animals Flash Card App – Baby Names!

Following a list of all the baby animal names used in our ABC Baby Animals flash card app. Did we miss one, or make a mistake? Please let us know in the comments!

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alligator – hatchling

bird – chick

cat – kitten

dog – puppy

elephant – calf

firefly – larva

giraffe – calf

hippopotamus – calf

abc baby animals - baby iguana

iguana – hatchling

jellyfish – ephyna

kangaroo – joey

koala – joey

lion – cub

monkey – infant

newt – eft

owl – owlet

penguin – chick

quail – chick

raccoon – cub

snake – snakelet

tarantula – spiderling

uromastyx – hatchling

vulture – chick

walrus – cub

x-ray-fish – fingerling

yak – calf

zebra – foal

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