ABC Baby Animals FAQs

If your question hasn’t been answered below, please leave a comment, or contact us.

Q: How do I record my own voice and sounds?

A: Once the app opens, click on ‘settings’; then move the ‘Record’ slider to the right to start recording. The bottom left corner on each image will now show buttons to record and play your sound.

Q: Sometimes the app acts funny. What can I do?

A: Start by first closing any unused apps (Double-click home button, then swipe-up unused apps. More here.) and then turning your device all the way off. Wait a few moments and then start it up again. It’s like restarting a computer and will take care of most “hiccups.”

And if it’s still not working, try deleting and re-installing the app through the app store. You won’t be charged again if you download it through the same Apple account.

If your device is low on space an app may not work at all or not work well. To check go to Settings > General > Usage and note the ‘available’ space. If there are only a few MB of space available your app may not work as expected.

For more info visit Apple’s Troubleshooting Assistant pages for iPhone, iPod or iPad.


abc baby animals - owl


Q: How do I leave a rating and review for ABC Baby Animals (or any app)?

A: You can leave a rating and review by going to the app store on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and searching for ABC Baby Animals; once you’re on the app’s info page, scroll all the way down to ‘Reviews’ to leave your rating and review.

Our goal is to make fun and useful apps and earn your high reviews! If you have a problem with the app, please leave your question in the comments below, or contact us, so we can help you.

Q: Is it ABC Baby Animals or ABC Animals?

A: Both! We’ve used both titles before for display purposes and so people can find our app more easily. The link in iTunes will remain the same.

Q: I’d like a set of cards in a foreign language – have you considered adding one?

A: Yes we have! We’re considering adding French, Spanish and/or German. If you have a favorite, please add it to the comments below.


>> Download ABC Animals – Animated! app.



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    2 Responses

    1. SarahL

      - 12th Aug, 11 09:08pm

      Please add a French version, I’m trying to raise my kids bilingually. I’m gonna need all the help I can get :)

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    2. josie

      - 24th Aug, 11 09:08pm

      I’d like a German version

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