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Following a handful of reviews for our ABC Animals – Animated! English Flashcards mobile app. Feel free to leave your own in the comments! We welcome any kind of feedback you may have for us. If you have an idea for new features, please leave those as well.

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“The graphics are very friendly; even animals that could scare a child in real life (such as those of a snake, raccoon, or owl) shouldn’t scare your child, as they look like characters from their favorite cartoons. The woman’s pronunciation is very clear and precise, so your child should learn much while he/she is having fun learning about the different animals. I also like that there are two “hidden” animals in the app for “U” and “X,” as this adds a sense of surprise to the app.”


“I like that there are no in-app purchases, no pop-up ads, no data collection, and no social media so that kids don’t have to worry about that. I also like that it doesn’t rely on your mobile plan or Wifi – the app will work by itself even if your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is offline.”


“The baby-mode slideshow is ingenious!! It lasts for about 5 minutes and is just enough to keep your baby distracted while standing in line at the grocery store. Sometimes it even puts my baby to sleep – and who wouldn’t like that :)”




>> Download ABC Animals – Animated! Flashcards here


“Absolutely love this (and so does my baby!). You get more options here than you’d think, especially when you explore the ABC and settings screens. Take the time to read the ‘about’ page so you know exactly how much you can do with it.”


“… while you get the adult animal representing each letter, there is a baby version of that same animal for each one as well. Aside from this you can either go through the pairs for each letter or opt to show just the adult animals or just the baby versions, depending on how eager your child is to learn. This provides more than one potential layer of learning and gives the app a longer shelf life for kids who are just starting to learn their alphabet.”


“I bought this after trying the free version and it was worth the amount of money to get it. The animated feature is especially good and keeps the kids’ attention when they’re trying it out.”




>> Download ABC Animals – Animated! Flashcards here


“I remember when I had trouble learning the multiplication tables, my mother sat me down at the table and used randomized flashcards. After hours of “testing” I knew how to quickly multiply even the difficult “9 times.” The ABC Animals app uses the same teaching strategy when the “random” option is selected. This is a critical feature because it ensures the young child is not just memorizing the app sequence. Also, the random option begins teaching the child the concept of “mixing up” letters which is what words are all about. This gives the child a head start on developing early learning skills.

There are other nice features that make the app an effective teaching tool. One is the ability to record another voice, like grandma’s voice, to sound out the letters and animal names. Besides adding a familiarity and comfort quality to the app, it also teaches children that the same letter spoken by different people may sound slightly different. The child can learn to recognize sounds whether spoken by other people or the woman on the app. This teaches linguistics like inflection and accent.”


“The colorful pictures and the fact both the adult and baby animals are named makes this a great instructional tool for very young children. It is an app that can be used for a couple of years if the child is very young – up to three years old. A quick-to-learn four-year-old will have fun figuring out the recording function.”


“I like that a parent or even a child can record his/her voice in place of the woman’s to help learn the words. I like that there are no in-app purchases or pop-up ads to worry about, as well as the fact that an Internet connection is not needed in order for the app to work.”


ABC Animals - Animated!


“You shouldn’t need any help with this game but if you do you can simply click the ‘about’ option on the home screen. This guides you through the flashcards and gives you more details about them. There’s even an option to change from adult animals to baby ones by going into the ABC icon at the top left of the home screen. As you can see there are lots of great options here.”


“This is one of the best apps of its type I’ve seen. It’s colourful and the kids seem to like the animated bit. Static images just seem dull after using this. It’s also self-explanatory which makes life a lot easier, although there is a guide if you need it.”


“The app itself is pretty basic, with brightly colored images that move when you click on the animals, you get a quick introduction to the word, the sound of the first letter, and then a few sentences about the word. While I think it would be better for the speaker on the app to speak a bit slower since a child may not know what they’re listening to, the information is pretty useful and helpful. That said, there is an option for a parent (or aunt!) to record their voice for each animal so it can be a little more personal.

To be truthful, some of the words that were introduced with the animal name (to give a name to the baby animal) were a little difficult. I don’t know if they’re completely necessary, but maybe they’ll be interesting as the child grows up and understands language more.

What I loved about this app were the bright colors and the way the images moved. I think a child will really enjoy that sort of visual interaction, and you don’t have to move through the alphabet from A to Z. You can click the dice on the menu to randomize what images come up.”


>> Download ABC Animals – Animated! Flashcards here

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